Saturday, November 12, 2011


Ninety-six hours from now I will be getting a pedicure, shaving my legs-all the way up and all the way down-picking up the throw rugs around the house, washing my bedsheets, wrapping the toilet seat with towels held down with masking tape (more on that later) and making sure all the stuff I will need most are at waist level.

Aside from the pedicure and leg shaving, the other things are what you will need to do to prepare yourself and your home for your return after spinal fusion surgery. This I know because of a wonderful booklet put together by the CELEBRATION ORTHOPAEDIC & SPORTS MEDICINE INSTITUTE (Celebration, Florida) & given to spine patients to READ BEFORE their surgery. My husband & I read it thoroughly...several times. I don't know if you will receive something like this before your surgery, but I would almost bet that if you called or wrote to the Institute they would probably mail one to you for the cost of postage. It's worth it.

As I noted before, I had my L4-L5 fused last year due to a slipped disc (SPONDYLOLISTHESIS). I was not in the right frame of mind to post to a blog at that time. Little did I know I was to have this same procedure done just over a year later at the next level down, L5-S1. I felt that maybe I could help someone else who might be thinking about having this surgery done. No, I am not a doctor...just an average 47-year-old female, standing 5'8" (actually gained 1/2" in height after last year's surgery), 164 pounds (lost 17 pounds last year too), very active...and have been told I am big-boned. No that's not a denial term meaning I'm fat...anything but. I am in shape and have maintained my weight for over twenty years after losing 65 pounds. I don't 'diet'. I eat red meat, no fried foods, as little fat as possible...and I don't smoke. I do love a Russian River Valley Merlot or an Alvarino from Spain once in a while, but other than that I am as clean living as one can get. Why do you care about this? Well, you probably don't. I'm just trying to paint a picture for you for comparison...yeah, we're all uniquely individual, hence we all will react and heal differently after a surgery such as this. I'm just giving you my basics. I'm not better or worse than you...I'm pretty average, wouldn't you say?

The photo posted on this entry is that of the scars from last year's surgery (October 14th). It's a minimally invasive procedure. Hell, you go home the SAME long as you take a few steps on your own and can pee on your own (hopefully not at the same time). Bye companies are watching their bottom line. You're breathing, you're leaving. Anyway...I promise to do my best to add a note or two each day after surgery. And, trust me, I will be brutally honest. I truly want you to know the REAL story. Otherwise why in the hell waste my time  posting and your time reading.

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