Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well I made it six hours at work today even though my sleep is still not good. I did feel I had a bit more energy, which is a good thing right now. My walking routine is continuing gangbusters, as is the stationary bike at the YMCA. The improvements are small increments, but improvements nonetheless. I am grateful.

If you are getting ready to have spinal fusion I truly hope you are both mentally and physically prepared. You must committ yourself to the physical therapy, whether it is self-directed or doctor scheduled. Having gone through this twice I know that my attitude towards the therapy/exercise part has been what has helped me heal and remain somewhat flexible and able to eventually do just about everything I was able to do before both surgeries. Yes, you'll change the way you do those things, but you will still be able to do them. So please don't get discouraged if you begin to feel that you aren't making headway in your recovery. It happens to all of us. I will continue to take two steps forward and one step back...this I know from last year's experience. But it eventually did work out. I know it will again. It IS hard. I promised to tell you the truth, which I feel I have done to this point. You deserve to know what to expect, not just what a doctor/surgeon tells you to expect. Let's face it, your surgeon probably has not been through the surgery. He can only tell you what clinical information he has learned. There is no fault in that. It just is. My hope is this blog will continue to help you as you face this surgery...and as you recover....successfully.

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