Saturday, January 28, 2012


Yep, still here. You may notice that the updates are not 'day to day' as noted in my blog description. More like week to week now. Why is that? I AM improving each day. Little by little. But I didn't and don't figure you want just little improvements to be mentioned. Let's wait for big ones. Of course the big ones are all the little day to day ones added up. So, here goes. I'm finally sleeping with only an occasional Tylenol PM. I'm pretty much able to roll over from side to side while in bed without TOTALLY waking up. I am conscious enough, though, to make sure there is a pillow in between my lower legs. Without that pillow, which has happened once, I am awakened by extremely bad low back pain. Not a fun thing to be awakened by. Almost as bad as being awoken by the cat throwing up on the pillow next to you. That's a whole other story.

There has been a marked change in my stride and pace when I walk. My stride actually changed after my first became shorter, but my pace actually became a bit faster after about six months. I've noticed that if I try to have what was a 'normal' length stride before the second surgery...well, my right hip will protest quite loudly, the pain forcing me to shorten the stride. I still don't have my pre-surgery pace yet. Forget running too...not happening. Thankfully, the weakness in my legs after walking about a mile is all gone. I've been doing close to three miles on weekends with no problems. I still cannot comfortably walk on the treadmill at the gym. Even though they are brand new and have a ''cushion" soft walking surface...I think it's because I am not yet in rhythm with my new 'legs', so to speak. That's the only way I can describe it. It seems the treadmill actually drags my feet back causing my hips to hurt. Oh took about six months after the first surgery to be able to walk on the treadmill. I'm guessing that will be the same timeframe this time.

The stationary bike is going great...always do at LEAST thirty minutes a night on it. I vary the routine to keep it interesting. I am able to mix in a few 'hills' with higher resistance. I try for 10 miles in fifty minutes once a week. I've backed off on the stair climbing therapy...once every ten days or so.

Last evening I tried couch surfing again...I actually got comfortable for about an hour while watching the Mecum Auto Auctions (we're into vintage cars). The cats were thrilled I was back on the couch and they all clamored for a spot ON ME. I had quite a time getting OFF the couch...a bit painful, even with the assistance of my husband. Of course the pain didn't reallly hit until I was trying to fall asleep...which I did, only to wake up in the middle of the night in a lot of pain...the most I've felt in about two weeks. I resisted taking a Percocet or Vicodin, instead opting for two extra strength Tylenol...that did the trick...thankfully. Note to self: leave couch surfing to the professionals or those folks who haven't been subjected to two back surgeries in thirteen months.

If you've had spinal fusion and are tracking your progress with mine please don't think you are behind if you aren't yet able to do the things I am doing. And if you are ahead of me on some areas...GOOD FOR YOU!!! Keep going, you're on the right track. Everyone will progress at a different pace. I feel that as long as you are making some positive steps forward, as small as they may be, you are headed down the right pathway. Keep moving.

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