Thursday, January 12, 2012


So I get home from the 'Y' tonight after 45 minutes of hard riding on the stationary bike. A full 8.24 miles with an average heartrate of 129. Yeah for me. After my shower...some acute pain in the lower left of my back, right at the fusion site. Very sore! Dammit, I have overdone it AGAIN! What is wrong with me?! The fusion is in NO WAY anywhere near to 'settling', as that usually happens around three months. I know this, yet can't seem to slow down. There's really no need to push myself so hard on the bike, just as long as I am doing SOMETHING each night to help my healing progress. I am SO angry with myself and have NO one to blame but MYSELF!! The voice in my head screamed at me to 'take it easy' and I ignored it. Every time I have ignored that voice I have gotten into trouble. Period! If you don't learn as you age I feel you are wasting your life. I cannot let this be my path. I cannot have another one of these surgeries. Listen to your voice...

I've made it to work for 4 full days this week. My main pain issue in the afternoon has been migraines. Still have a very difficult time driving. Much more painful than after my first surgery. I am guessing that will eventually work itself out. But for now I am trying to drive VERY short distances. On the bright side, my travel as a passenger is slowly decreasing in pain. Here is a photo of the incisions with the two blue arrows indicating the 'bumps' where the ends of the long stitch have not yet absorbed. It's a little red because I just got out of the shower after massaging the area as recommended by my doctor's assistant at my last visit. I am happy to report that the incision on the left that was causing a lot of nerve pain at the skin level it getting better VERY quickly since following the massage advice. Am still doing the one Tylenol PM before bed and am, thankfully, sleeping 'normally' for me. I guess we all get into a daily/nightly routine and when that is so horribly interrupted by something as traumatic as a surgery it's hard to reprogram our body/brain to a whole new routine...along with the pain and pills to relieve that pain. Time is what I needed and continue to need to heal on all levels. That and listening to the voice telling me to 'take it easy'.

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