Saturday, November 19, 2011


Day two after surgery. Really rough night sleep with incredible pain in right hip and down my right leg. Could not, for the life of me, get into a comfortable position in the bed. Had a few scary hours because of a slowly rising fever. It got to 100.3. The discharge papers from the hospital mentioned that if it got to 101 I would need to call the doctor immediately. I don't remember having any fever last year. I looked over my daily notes and didn't see anything about that. My dear husband zipped out and picked up my prescription for nausea and some Gatorade, which, under normal circumstances, I just can't stand to drink. However, it really hit the spot last night. I strongly stress trying your best to get something in your belly....anything for that matter. There is a dish of strawberry/banana jello in the fridge that I nibble on throughout the day and night, plenty of those protein meal bars and Special K protein drinks that are really filling and provide lots of vitamins. Vanilla is my favorite flavor.

Still haven't released the lump of coal yet, despite stool softener and laxatives. That is certainly causing a lot of discomfort! I have resorted to putting ice on the surgical area. It was not recommended last year, but this year my husband said the surgeon specifically mentioned I should do that. The bandages are supposed to come off Monday. Really wondering what it looks like under the bloody one. Was able to take a shower by myself this morning, though my husband stood right outside the shower door. The luxury of this is that he always puts my towels in the dryer so I have warm towels to greet me when I get out.

I have lots and lots of bruises all over my body this year. Especially my upper arms and butt area. I know the nerve monitor doctor told me that I really had to be firmly in place on my stomach for the surgery to take place. I just can't imagine what they did. The sides of my breasts are also extremely sore and tender. Who knows? I am going to ask the surgeon why this is when I go for my first follow-up in two weeks. I do remember being wheeled into the operating room and it was something a little like a sci-fi set. Actually freaked me out a bit. The surgeon did give my husband several photos that were taken at the end of the endoscope during surgery. That was a surprise. However, I haven't looked at them yet...I just don't want to know right now.

Will be nice to be able to sleep through the night in a few weeks. Right now, between the pain and having to wake up every three hours to take my pills...well, you can imagine that no sleep is being had.

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