Sunday, November 27, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I charged my husband with cleaning around my incisions. The areas still look a bit 'angry' and have many teeny blisters and a few large blisters. This did not happen last year. Though I will say my incisions were very small (four each 1" long), I would like to think things about my skin did not change that much in a year. I've been cleaning the area in a general manner, but as I am not able to feel the area because it is still numb, I didn't go gangbusters. I don't want to scrub the dermabond off the tops of the incisions. My husband hopped in the shower with me and used my washing gloves (you know the ones that have a texture to them to help exfoliate your skin) and some very gentle moisturizing cleanser. I told him to dig in until I said 'stop'. He managed to wash right up to the incisions and was able to remove a bit of adhesive that was still stuck to the skin. Overall the area has lost some of its redness and is less itchy. We're going to repeat the procedure tomorrow.

Two miles was my limit this morning. My right hip just starting aching and each step with that leg was very painful, with the pain eventually spreading down the top of the right thigh. It did not feel like a nerve pinch, as it did not continue hurting when I was motionless. Maybe a deep muscle or tendon. Considering that it only happens on long, uninterrupted walks, my husband is guessing, and most likely correctly, that I am overdoing it. That sounds just like me.

Tomorrow will begin week two of no work for me. I have a very fortunate work circumstance and can take off as much time as I need. I will, however, be doing some of the bookwork from home this my leisure. I would hope that if you do commit to this surgery you will make sure you can take the FULL SIX WEEKS off from your job. Sometimes we don't have the back-up finances to do this. But a positive outcome, in my opinion, of your surgery longterm will be greatly enhanced if you are able to take the time to heal. I was able to ease back into my job responsibilities over a period of a month, working half days here and there. If you are going to go through so much pain to have this procedure done, why not ensure a successful outcome by following the time off work guidelines.

Essentially today was okay...this is the first day that I actually felt totally 'blah' about everything. I know there will be good and bad days. Fortune has allowed me many good days post surgery than bad. Last year was a totally different story...too long to tell here, and besides this blog is about my current situation. I do hope you have many good days after your surgery.

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