Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Missed posting yesterday due to intense pain in right hip. Could barely sit for any period of time and standing just sucked. I was able to walk downtown and wander for a little over two miles, do some window shopping and do the stairs at the city park. I am looking forward to the two-week follow-up appointment Friday in order to ask about this right hip. It doesn't hurt all the time, thankfully. However, it does catch me in mid-stride with a severe 'jolt' and leaves me breathless for a moment...then my heartrate increases and I freak out a bit. While reading last years daily notes I noticed I was have the same problem with my left hip/leg for at least two weeks. So, here's to hoping this is transient.

I've cut back on the frequency of the Vicodin. It's been almost 48 hours since this change. I am taking a Vicodin every six hours and a Robaxin (muscle relaxer) every twelve hours. Seems to be working out okay. I did, though, just get a major twinge at my right low back when I tried to push myself away from the table after dinner. Felt just like an electrical shock!!! Has me a bit freaked....everything has been going so well. Maybe I am taking things to fast and trying to do too much. Yes, this is major surgery and, yes, sometimes I do forget that. Here's to hoping I didn't do any damage with the chair pushback. I know these seem like trivial things to someone who has not undergone this type of surgery. I hope you never have to find out just how much your back is involved in everything you do every day of your life. For those of us in this temporary position, we must remember we can't do normal until we get back to normal, whatever that level of movement or flexibility will be. We will never be the same as we were before surgery. But, trust me, your body and your mindset does adjust to the new norm. We are an incredible miracle, aren't we?

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