Sunday, November 20, 2011


The temperature has come back down to normal, though it did scare us last evening by jumping back up to 100.1 for a little while. We haven't hit that magical 101 yet, so I guess I'm okay. The nights sleep was not the best. I am still having sharp, intense pain in my right hip that radiates down the outside of the thigh to my knee. I realize there is a lot of swelling going on in my low back around the surgical area, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to me that a nerve or two is being pinched. I did find a sweet spot last night where I was able to sleep without pain in that leg. Of course, nature called and I had to pee and was unable to find that position upon returning to bed. Folks, you will be laying (or is it lying) on your back for quite a long time after this procedure, especially if you have hips that are wide, like mine. You just can't get enough support into your waist area to make you comfortable when you lay on your side. Last year I thought I would never be able to sleep on either side again, but after about seven months I was sleeping normally, without waking up for every position change.

A strong support system, and no not the one we were just talking about, but the human one is needed in order to get through this months long ordeal. Yes, you can hire a nurse if need be. But there is something about a total stranger wiping your ass and taking care of your most basic needs that...well, somewhat dehumanizes the whole experience. And what an experience it is. My husband of twenty-five years is, well, for lack of yet being cannonized, a saint-in-training. This year we had access to the Nextel walkie-talkie/phone system through our place of work. It has made it a lot easier on him. He is able to be out of earshot, but can be by my side in less that fifteen seconds once I 'beep' him. He can sleep in his own bed instead of the uncomfortable chair in my bedroom. Yes, the sleeping is in increments of three hours to coincide with the meds schedule, but at least I feel better knowing he is more comfortable. You truly need a go-to person who can take care of your every whim and not be embarrassed by your offensive bodily odors, your bad breath, your mussed up hair, your gas passing and your strange request for a Gatorade run at midnight. You have to trust this person to hold strong to you as you take turtle-slow walks up and down your dead-end street in your nappy bathrobe. This person might be your significant other, your child, a dear friend...but whoever it is they will be your rock and need to know how much responsiblity they will be taking on. It's not just for a day or's a minimum eight week daily committment. Thank you, my love, for doing this a second time.

I got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning to take my round of muscle relaxers and oxycodone and felt that I needed to take a walk. It was such a beautiful, peaceful morning. Clear skies with every twinkling star reaffirming the fact that I made it through the operation. I am so grateful. Yes, it's a long time recovery; as long as two years for a solid fusion. When we got back home an owl whoo-whoo'ed his primitive greeting and I fell back to sleep promptly when my head hit the pillow. God, I love these meds.

My appetite is actually much better this year than last. I craved a biscuit and egg sandwich this morning. I actually made one for my hubby too. In between 'meals' I'm eating jello, drinking a LOT of water (really want to get all those nasty anesthesia drugs out of my body) and Gatorade. Still haven't produced any diamonds yet. I just finished eating 1/4 of a sub from our favorite grocery (Publix) that they make only this time of year. It's black forest ham, smoked turkey, smoked gruyere, cranberry/nut relish all on a hearty seven-grain sub roll. Warm that puppy up in the microwave for a few seconds's autumn in my mouth. As a side I have a half-dozen baked Ruffles chips and my go to drink when I am sick....7-UP with tons of ice. So, I think I'm eating okay....need nutrition in order to help the body heal, right?

Our little secret....I really do miss the gym every night. Soon enough...

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