Thursday, December 8, 2011


Slept in until 10:30 a.m. this morning. Ugh!! Makes me feel like a slug...a sore slug. I guess I needed the sleep. We hit the gym (YMCA) last night for this first time post surgery. I tried the stationary bike for twenty minutes at a very low resistance. Got a pretty good heartrate going....I really love a good cardio workout! Figured I would try a mile or two on the treadmill....NO GO!! Extremely painful even at a snails pace. I was unable to do the treadmill after last year's surgery for about five months. I could/can walk all over town, even the sometimes challenging hills, but the treadmill is just plain painful right now. So, I abandoned that after one-and-a-half minutes. We came home and walked about two miles in the neighborhood instead. No problems. Overall I did almost four miles yesterday. However, this morning my butt muscles and deep down in my hip bones, for lack of a better description, were very sore. I'm guessing it was the stationary bike. It's amazing to me how quickly one falls out of shape when not doing a normal exercise routine. I don't mean gaining weight (which I haven't, lost four pounds) but just the overall fitness that goes so quickly. I know I'll build back up to an hour-and-a-half workout over time, but it's still a bit hard to accept right now. I promised myself and my husband to NOT push it too hard this year...let nature take its healing course as it always does.

The day wasn't a total waste even after having awaken at such a late hour. I did some computer stuff, ate breakfast (at 11:00 a.m.), wandered downtown for a cup of decaf, read a great deal of the New York Times, hit the post office, did the stair climbing exercise at the park, watered some yard plants, showered, cleverly wiped up some cat yack off the floor, read for about two hours, watched some television, ate dinner and am now posting. We're going to walk a couple of miles after I'm done here. I'm still doing one Vicodin late afternoon...the pain just builds up over the day to a point where I need instant relief, not only for peace of mind, but in order to help me sleep pain-free. I need a good night's sleep tonight because tomorrow morning I will head to work for a few hours for the first time since surgery three weeks ago. The forty minute ride to work will itself be quite a challenge....

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