Monday, December 12, 2011


Sleeping is way overrated. I say this because it's becoming an elusive thing in my life. It's not the meds, as I am only taking one Vicodin at around 6:00 p.m. every night, two calcium suppliments, one B-complex vitamin and my 10mg Lexapro. And, no, it's not the anti-depressant causing the insomnia, as I've been taking that for almost four years. I was able to sleep quite well last year, even with occasional severe anxiety attacks. This year, though, is just a total mess. Overall I'm trying to keep 'active' all day and not nap at all. It is hard to sit in a chair for any length of time, so I have to resort to my bed when I am not up walking, doing dishes, piddling around the house, etc. I read when I am in bed or watch some type of cooking show. And, yes, I do make a daily pilgrimage downtown to the local coffee shop for a small decaf, which I take an hour to drink while I read whatever newspaper is available for public perusal. Still, falling asleep, even with some type of Steve Halpern cd in the background, is just not happening. It's beyond frustrating!

I'm still having a lot of discomfort all around the surgical area. I can say that I've had many bouts of impatience this weekend. Looking at last year's log after my L4-L5 fusion I see that the discomfort went well into the three month post surgery period. So, I'm guessing this is normal. I did thirty minutes on the stationary bike yesterday at the gym. IT FELT GREAT!!! I was sweating and had NO PAIN during or after the session. I walked a little over three miles also and did all the stair climbing and stretching exercises as outlined in the post surgical handbook. Of course, by evening I was aching a bit....about a 3 on the 1-10 pain scale. To top off the day...yes, ladies, you will agree with this...I was finally able to shave my legs!! It's been nearly four weeks since the last shave and it wasn't pretty. My husband had to put the shaving cream on my legs, but I used the handy tool he made for me, propped my leg up on the toilet seat know the rest. What a great feeling it is! It's these little things that get you to feeling more and more human the days following surgery. I have to keep reminding myself, and you, that this recovery is long least one year. Seems like forever...

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