Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So yesterday I totally overdid it. Period. My fault. My pain. Period. I am someone who has to do something everyday. Can I sit around and read all day? Well, yes, if I have to. But more likely than not I like to keep moving. So you can clearly imagine how this surgery puts so many restrictions on me and my daily routine. I post this because I want you to realize this is what you will face if you are an active person who is scheduled for this type of procedure. I can't speak from the viewpoint of a someone who just likes laying around all day. So, if that's you then you probably don't want to read this post. I also have a creative vein or two running through my body. The outlet for that has always been my garden. But since I am unable to do any type of yardwork for at least three months, I fell back on my other outlet....baking. Which I did for six hours yesterday. Yes, six hours on my feet on top of walking nearly three miles. I ignored the pain until I finally broke around 6:00 p.m. I took a Vicodin and Robaxin and cried. I went against all I know to be right, all I know the surgeon told me not to do and paid dearly for it. There is a bit of solace in this mindset though...I am normal. That was proven by this series of YouTube videos by Dawn Underwood. These are excellent and she's a fellow patient after my heart. She, too, overdoes it and pays the price like I did/do. I highly recommend her series. I have watched most of them and can say they are as close to the real experience of spinal fusion surgery as I've read or seen.

As for me, I will be okay. I spent most of the day reading in bed, did some dishes and walked almost three miles...not all at once. I am in a bit of pain as I write this tonight. It feels like a few inner things are loosening up and I have some muscle pain in both buttocks and upper back. I'm actually going to a city council meeting tonight for the first time in over a year. I quit going last year before my surgery and was just not in the right frame of mind or physical condition to go again until now. Plus, I was a fiend with my workout schedule post first fusion last year and didn't want to miss one night. Hopefully, I can sit there for a while without screaming in pain....not from the surgery but from the idiocy that occurs in government at all levels.

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