Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am blessed with and grateful for:
-my health
-my sanity
-my loving husband
-my friends
-my faith & spirituality
-my job
-my home
-my sight
-my hearing
-my mobility
-my sense of humor

Incisions: 12/15/2011
Four  weeks post surgery
These are all I need to continue on my healing path after these two surgeries barely more than a year apart. Today marks one month since fusion surgery of my L5-S1. It has been up and down...honestly, more downs than ups. But this seems to be the normal m.o. for these types of procedures. This year I am in much better mental state. I suffer from depression and a degree where it can be debilitating to live a normal life. Right before last years' procedure I was once again getting back on my anti-depressants. For anyone who's taken that road you can relate to how hard it is to get on these types of meds. Long, short: I've been on and off Lexapro for four years, thinking, when I was 'well', that I didn't need the med. Once off, the cycle of depression would begin again...the elevator heading to the bottom floor. As you know I am very anti-med of any kind...however I have totally given in to a death-do-us-part dependence on anti-depressants in order to maintain my sanity, my life. The whole story is fodder for another blog...but I'll leave that to others. Suffice it to say, my recovery last year was much prolonged because of my mental status and frequent severe anxiety attacks. This year, thankfully, has been much easier on the mental front. Yes, I've still had some minor episodes of frustration (depression?) over the length of time it takes to 'get on with it' regular/normal life as it was/is. But even those folks who don't suffer from clinical depression also go through issues post any surgery. It's in my handbook and a common acknowledgement when you are hospitalized, as they do offer mental counseling services as part of recovery/treatment. This is why 'my sanity' is listed as one of my blessings. I don't think the other items in my list need any explanation.

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