Saturday, December 3, 2011


Pain minus a narcotic pain killer really does suck! Does this mean I'm an addict? Well, I know I'm not, but I do know this's nice to have a stash of the good stuff just in case you really need them. As I mentioned before I had a lot of Percocet left over from the last surgery because I had been given two separate at the emergency room two weeks before surgery and one after surgery. Total number of pills was 160...yes, 160. I eased myself off Percocet last year by extending the time interval between doses and finally taking smaller and smaller doses...until, ta-da, all was okay. That took about four weeks. I had dozens of pills left over that came in real handy from time to time the few months following the surgery when I would really overdo it and have severe pain that extra strength Tylenol just wouldn't take care of on it's own. Right now I do not have enough Percocet to ease off like before (even though I had begun to schedule longer intervals between doses a few days ago as part of easing off) and I can say I am in a slight panic mode. I truly thought the surgeon would give me another prescription. Can you just stop these things cold turkey or do you need the easing off? Trust me, I am getting pain now in areas that were before void of pain at all. It is not fun. And, trust me again, the extra strength Tylenol is NOT taking care of the pain. My husband said that maybe having the pain to remind me I am still recovering is a good thing because I have a tendency to overdo it and could do damage to a fragile surgery that needs time to fuse/heal. I know he's right, as I did overdo it today by walking downtown, doing the stair climbing exercises (5 times) and standing on my feet for nearly two hours to wait and watch the Christmas Parade. Then I came home and did some much needed edging around the lawn....just overall a bad day with pain as the cherry on top. I know I'll get past this pain problem. I did last year, but have to admit it was much easier with the narcotic pain meds. The plus for today pain in my right hip at all!!! Yeah!!!

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